研究業績 Publications

(Updated on 2018. 4.11.)


英文原著:Original research papers

  1. Matsuda S, Yasukawa T, Sakaguchi S, Ichiyanagi K, Unoki M, Gotoh K, Fukuda K, Sasaki H, Suzuki T, Kang D. (2018) Accurate estimation of 5-methylcytosine in mammalian mitochondrial DNA. Sci Rep 8: 5801.

  2. Komorita Y, Iwase M, Fujii H, Ohkuma T, Ide H, Jodai-Kitamura T, Sumi A, Yoshinari M, Nakamura U, Kang D, Kitazono T.(2018)Impact of Body Weight Loss From Maximum Weight on Fragility Bone Fractures in Japanese Patients With type 2 Diabetes: the Fukuoka Diabetes Registry. Diabetes Care.doi: 10.2337/dc17-2004. [Epub ahead of print]


英文原著:Original research papers

  1. Mezuki S, Fukuda K, Matsushita T, Fukushima Y, Matsuo R, Goto Y-I, Yasukawa T, Uchiumi T, Kang D, Kitazono T, Ago T. (2017) Isolated and repeated stroke-like episodes in a middle-aged man with a mitochondrial ND3 T10158C mutation: a case report. BMC Neurol. 17(1):217.

  2. Matsumoto T, Uchiumi T, Monji K, Yagi M, Setoyama D, Amamoto R, Matsushima Y, Shiota M, Eto M, Kang D (2017) Doxycycline induces apoptosis via ER stress selectively to cells with a cancer stem cell-like properties: importance of stem cell plasticity. Oncogenesis 6:3.

  3. Yagi M, Uchiumi T, Sagata N, Setoyama D, Amamoto R, Matsushima Y, Kang D. (2017) Neural-specific deletion of mitochondrial p32/C1qbp leads to leukoencephalopathy due to undifferentiated oligodendrocyte and axon degeneration. Sci Rep. 7(1):15131.

  4. Komorita Y, Iwase M, Fujii H, Ohkuma T, Ide H, Jodai-Kitamura T, Sumi A, Yoshinari M, Nakamura U, Kang D, Kitazono T. (2017) Serum adiponectin predicts fracture risk in individuals with type 2 diabetes: the Fukuoka Diabetes Registry. Diabetologia. [Epub ahead of print]

  5. Fakruddin M, Wei FY, Emura S, Matsuda S, Yasukawa T, Kang D, Tomizawa K. (2017) Cdk5rap1-mediated 2-methylthio-N6-isopentenyladenosine modification is absent from nuclear-derived RNA species. Nucleic Acids Res. [Epub ahead of print]

  6. Sagata N, Kato TA, Kano SI, Ohgidani M, Shimokawa N, Sato-Kasai M, Hayakawa K, Kuwano N, Wilson AM, Ishizuka K, Kato S, Nakahara T, Nakahara-Kido M, Setoyama D, Sakai Y, Ohga S, Furue M, Sawa A, Kanba S. (2017) Dysregulated gene expressions of MEX3D, FOS and BCL2 in human induced-neuronal (iN) cells from NF1 patients: a pilot study. Sci Rep.7(1):13905.

  7. Feichtinger RG, Oláhová M, Kishita Y, Garone C, Kremer LS, Yagi M, Uchiumi T, Jourdain AA, Thompson K, D'Souza AR, Kopajtich R, Alston CL, Koch J, Sperl W, Mastantuono E, Strom TM, Wortmann SB, Meitinger T, Pierre G, Chinnery PF, Chrzanowska-Lightowlers ZM, Lightowlers RN, DiMauro S, Calvo SE, Mootha VK, Moggio M, Sciacco M, Comi GP, Ronchi D, Murayama K, Ohtake A, Rebelo-Guiomar P, Kohda M, Kang D, Mayr JA, Taylor RW, Okazaki Y, Minczuk M, Prokisch H. (2017) Biallelic C1QBP Mutations Cause Severe Neonatal-, Childhood-, or Later-Onset Cardiomyopathy Associated with Combined Respiratory-Chain Deficiencies. Am. J. Hum. Genet. 101(4):525-538.

  8. Matsushima Y, Hirofuji Y, Aihara M, Yue S, Uchiumi T, Kaguni LS, Kang D. (2017) Drosophila protease ClpXP specifically degrades DmLRPPRC1 controlling mitochondrial mRNA and translation. Sci Rep. 7(1):8315.

  9. Sasaki K, Gotoh K, Miake S, Setoyama D, Yagi M, Igami K, Uchiumi T, Kang D. (2017) p32 is Required for Appropriate Interleukin-6 Production Upon LPS Stimulation and Protects Mice from Endotoxin Shock. EBioMedicine. (20) 161-172.

  10. Tajiri H, Uruno T, Shirai T, Takaya D, Matsunaga S, Setoyama D, Watanabe M, Kukimoto-Niino M, Oisaki K, Ushijima M, Sanematsu F, Honma T, Terada T, Oki E, Shirasawa S, Maehara Y, Kang D, Côté JF, Yokoyama S, Kanai M, Fukui Y. (2017) Targeting Ras-Driven Cancer Cell Survival and Invasion through Selective Inhibition of DOCK1. Cell Rep. 19(5):969-980.

  11. Saito T, Uchiumi T, Yagi M, Amamoto R, Setoyama D, Matsushima Y, Kang D. (2017) Cardiomyocyte-specific loss of mitochondrial p32/C1qbp causes cardiomyopathy and activates stress responses. Cardiovasc Res. 113(10):1173-1185.

  12. Inoue H, Terachi SI, Uchiumi T, Sato T, Urata M, Ishimura M, Koga Y, Hotta T, Hara T, Kang D, Ohga S. (2017) The clinical presentation and genotpe of protein C deficiency with double mutations of the protein C gene. Pediatr. Blood Cancer 64: e26404.


  1. Uchiumi T., Kang D. (2017) Mitochondrial nucleic acid binding proteins associated with diseases. Front. Biosci. (22): 168-179.

和文総説:Reviews (in Japanese)

  1. 松島 雄一. 「ミトコンドリアマトリックスに局在するプロテアーゼのあらたな機能」化学と生物(日本農芸化学会会誌), 55 (4), 227-229.

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  3. 相原 正宗、松島 雄一. 「ミトコンドリアに局在するプロテアーゼのあらたな機能」医学のあゆみ(医歯薬出版), 260 (1), 55-60.


英文原著:Original research papers

1.  Setoyama D, Kato TA, Hashimoto R, Kunugi H, Hattori K, Hayakawa K, Sato-Kasai M, Shimokawa N, Kaneko S, Yoshida S, Goto YI, Yasuda Y, Yamamori H, Ohgidani M, Sagata N, Miura D, Kang D, Kanba S. (2016) Plasma Metabolites Predict Severity of Depression and Suicidal Ideation in Psychiatric Patients-A Multicenter Pilot Analysis.. PLoS One. 11(12):e0165267.

2.  Monji K, Uchiumi T, Hoshizawa S, Yagi M, Matsumoto T, Setoyama D, Matsushima Y, Gotoh K, Amamoto R, Kang D. (2016) Serum depletion induced cancer stem cell-like phenotype due to nitric oxide synthesis in oncogenic HRas transformed cells. Oncotarget. 7(46): 75221-75234.

3.   Qu J, Yasukawa T, Kang D. (2016) Suppression of mitochondrial transcription initiation complexes changes the balance of replication intermediates of mitochondrial DNA and reduces 7S DNA in cultured human cells. J. Biochem. 160(1):49-57.

4.   Amamoto R, Uchiumi T, Yagi M, Monji K, Song Y, Oda Y, Shiota M, Yokomizo A, Naito S, Kang D. (2016) The Expression of Ubiquitous Mitochondrial Creatine Kinase Is Downregulated as Prostate Cancer Progression. J. Cancer. 7(1):50-9.

5.   Ichiyama M., Ohga S., Ochiai M., Tanaka K., Matsunaga Y., Kusuda T., Inoue H., Ishimura M., Takimoto T., Koga Y., Hotta T., Kang D., Hara T. (2016) Age-specific onset and distribution of the natural anticoagulant deficiency in pediatric thromboembolism. Pediatric Res.79(1-1):81-6.

6.   Ichiyama M, Ohga S, Ochiai M, Fukushima K, Ishimura M, Torio M, Urata M, Hotta T, Kang D, Hara T. (2016) Fetal hydrocephalus and neonatal stroke as the first presentation of protein C deficiency. Brain Dev. 38(2):253-6.

7.   Ando H, Ohagi Y, Yoshida M, Yoshimoto S, Higashi Y, Yagi M, Monji K, Yagi M, Uchiumi T, Kang D, Ichihashi M (2016) Melanin pigment interrupts the fluorescence staining of mitochondria in melanocytes. J Dermatol Sci. 84(3):349-351.

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10.  Abe Y, Kubota M, Takazaki S, Ito Y, Yamamoto H, Kang D, Ueda T, Imoto T (2016) Effect on catalysis by replacement of catalytic residue from hen egg white lysozyme to Venerupis philippinarum lysozyme. Protein Sci 25(9): 1637-1647.

11. Ichihara K, Yomamoto Y, Hotta T, Hosogaya S, Miyachi H, Itoh Y, Ishibashi M, Kang D; Committee on Common Reference Intervals, Japan Society of Clinical Chemistry. (2016) Collaborative derivation of reference intervals for major clinical laboratory tests in Japan. Ann Clin Biochem 53(Pt 3): 347-356.

12. Fang J, Yamaza H, Uchiumi T, Hoshino Y, Masuda K, Hirofuji Y, Wagener FA, Kang D, Nonaka K. (2016) Dihydroorotate dehydrogenase depletion hampers mitochondrial function and osteogenic differentiation in osteoblasts. Eur J Oral Sci 124(3):241-245.


英文原著:Original research papers

1.   Arakawa T., Kobayashi-Yurugi T., Alguel Y., Iwanari H., Hatae H., Iwata M., Abe Y., Hino T., Ikeda-Suno C., Kuma H., Kang D., Murata T., Hamakubo T., Cameron A.D., Kobayashi T., Hamasaki N., Iwata S. (2015) Crystal structure of the anion exchanger domain of human erythrocyte band 3. Science. 350(6261):680-4 

2.   Wang L., Ishihara T., Ibayashi Y., Tatsushima K., Setoyama D., Hanada Y., Takeichi Y., Sakamoto S., Yokota S., Mihara K., Kang D., Ishihara N., Takayanagi R., Nomura M. (2015) Disruption of mitochondrial fission in the liver protects mice from diet-induced obesity and metabolic deterioration. Diabetologia. 2015 Oct;58(10):2371-80.

3.   Hirota Y., Yamashita S., Kurihara Y., Jin X., Aihara M., Saigusa T., Kang D., Kanki T. (2015) Mitophagy is primarily due to alternative autophagy and requires the MAPK1 and MAPK14 signaling pathways. Autophagy. 11(2):332-43.

4.   Ikeda M., Ide T., Fujino T., Arai S., Saku K., Kakino T., Tyynismaa H., Yamasaki T., Yamada K., Kang D., Suomalainen A., Sunagawa K. (2015) Overexpression of TFAM or twinkle increases mtDNA copy number and facilitates cardioprotection associated with limited mitochondrial oxidative stress. PLoS One. 10(3):e0119687.

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8.   Kiyosuke, M., Kibe, Y., Oho, M., Kusaba, K., Shimono, N., Hotta, T., Kang, D., Shobuike, T., Miyamoto, H. (2015) Comparison of Two Types of Matrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization-Time of Flight Mass Spectrometers for the Identification and Typing of Clostridium difficile. Journal of Medical Microbiology 64, 1144-1150.

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12.  Shiota, M., Fujimoto, N., Yokomizo, A., Takeuchi, A., Itsumi, M., Inokuchi, J., Tatsugami, K., Uchiumi, T., Naito, S. (2015) SRD5A gene polymorphism in Japanese men predicts prognosis of metastatic prostate cancer with androgen-deprivation therapy. Eur. J. Cancer 51, 1962-1969.

13.  Nakamura, K., Ago, T., Tsuchimoto, A., Noda, N., Nakamura, A., Ninomiya, T., Uchiumi, T., Tsuruya, K., Kamouchi, M., Ooboshi, H., Kitazono, T. (2015) A CADASIL-Like Case with a Novel Noncysteine Mutation of the NOTCH3 Gene and Granular Deposits in the Renal Arterioles. Case Rep. Neurol. Med. 2015, 431-461.

和文原著:Original research papers (in Japanese)

1.        池松秀之, 鄭湧, 白根健次郎, 藤英博, 佐々木裕之, 古賀結, 松本信也, 堀田多恵子, 内海健, 康東天. 「2013/14年流行期に患者より分離されたインフルエンザA/H1N1pdm09,A/H3N2,Bウイルスのノイラミニダーゼ遺伝子と薬剤感受性との関連についての検討,」 福岡医学雑誌 106, 231-239. (2015)

2.         池松秀之, 鄭湧, 白根健次郎, 藤英博, 佐々木裕之, 古賀結, 浦田美秩代, 堀田多恵子, 内海健, 康東天. 「2011/12及び2012/13インフルエンザ流行期に患者より分離されたA/H3N2型ウイルス96株のNA遺伝子配列と薬剤感受性との関連についての検討,」 福岡医学雑誌 106, 16-22. (2015)

3.         康東天. 「これだけは知っておきたい検査のポイント-第9集 臨床検査の標準化 臨床検査値のJCCLS共用基準範囲とその利用,」 Medicina 52, 10-13. (2015)

4.         康東天. 「多施設間の検査データ活用における現状と今後の課題 項目コード(JLAC10)を用いた多施設間検査情報共有のための取り組みと問題点,」 臨床病理 63, 129-132. (2015)

5.         康東天. 「自己免疫性脳炎-抗原・抗体は何をしている? αエノラーゼ 多機能蛋白質αエノラーゼ,」 Clinical Neuroscience 33, 98-101. (2015)


英文原著:Original research papers

1.    Iizuka, Y., Yamashita, K., Sakasegawa, S., Hanada, T., Tani, W., Adachi, H., Haga, R., Yamaguchi, M., Kurotani, W., Sekiguchi, M., Osawa, S., Hosogaya, S., Kang, D., Ueda, S. (2014) Improvement and evaluation of a 1,2-dioleoylglycerol method for measuring pancreatic lipase catalytic activity in serum, Clin. Chem. Lab. Med. 52, e171-173.

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3.    Itsumi, M., Shiota, M., Yokomizo, A., Takeuchi, A., Kashiwagi, E., Dejima, T., Inokuchi, J., Tatsugami, K., Uchiumi, T.Naito, S. (2014) PMA induces androgen receptor downregulation and cellular apoptosis in prostate cancer cells, J. Mol. Endocrinol. 53, 31-41.

4.    Kashiwagi, E., Shiota, M., Yokomizo, A., Inokuchi, J., Uchiumi, T., Naito, S. (2014) EP2 signaling mediates suppressive effects of celecoxib on androgen receptor expression and cell proliferation in prostate cancer, Prostate Cancer Prostatic Dis. 17, 10-17.

5.    Niho, K., Nakasya, A., Ijichi, A., Tsujita, J., Gotoh, K., Shinozaki, H., Matsumoto, M. (2014) A case of bleeding duodenal ulcer with pemphigus vulgaris during steroid therapy, Clin. J. Gastroenterol. 7, 223-227.

6.    Shiota, M., Itsumi, M., Yokomizo, A., Takeuchi, A., Imada, K., Kashiwagi, E., Inokuchi, J., Tatsugami, K., Uchiumi, T., Naito, S. (2014) Targeting ribosomal S6 kinases/Y-box binding protein-1 signaling improves cellular sensitivity to taxane in prostate cancer, The Prostate 74, 829-838.

7.    Shiota, M., Yokomizo, A., Takeuchi, A., Imada, K., Kashiwagi, E., Song, Y., Inokuchi, J., Tatsugami, K., Uchiumi, T. Naito, S. (2014) Inhibition of protein kinase C/Twist1 signaling augments anticancer effects of androgen deprivation and enzalutamide in prostate cancer, Clin. Cancer Res. 20, 951-961.

8.   Shiota, M., Yokomizo, A., Takeuchi, A., Itsumi, M., Imada, K., Kashiwagi, E., Inokuchi, J., Tatsugami, K., Uchiumi, T., Naito, S. (2014) Inhibition of RSK/YB-1 signaling enhances the anti-cancer effect of enzalutamide in prostate cancer, The Prostate 74, 959-969.

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和文総説:Reviews (in Japanese)

15.  康東天 (2014) 臨床検査の「共用基準範囲とその利用の手引き」の解説, 医薬品医療機器レギュラトリーサイエンス. 45, 762-765.

16.  康東天 (2014) JCCLS共用基準範囲の設定とその利用, 会誌ふくおか(福岡県臨床衛生検査技師会). 10, 18-31.


英文原著:Original research papers

1.    Uchiumi, T., Tanamachi, H., Kuchiwaki, K., Kajita, M., Matsumoto, S., Yagi, M., Kanki, T., and Kang, D. (2013) Mutation and functional analysis of ABCC2/multidrug resistance protein 2 in a Japanese patient with Dubin-Johnson syndrome, Hepatol. Res. 43, 569-575.

2.    Song, Y. H., Shiota, M., Yokomizo, A., Uchiumi, T., Kiyoshima, K., Kuroiwa, K., Oda, Y., and Naito, S. (2013) Twist1 and Y-box-binding protein-1 are potential prognostic factors in bladder cancer. , Urol. Oncol. 32, 31.e31?31.e37.

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11.  Hirota, Y., Fujimoto, K., and Tanaka, Y. (2013) Rab GTPases in autophagy; Current topic of Rab32 involvement with autophagy., In Tech.


英文原著:Original research papers

1.    Yagi, M., Uchiumi, T., Takazaki, S., Okuno, B., Nomura, M., Yoshida, S., Kanki, T., and Kang, D. (2012) p32/gC1qR is indispensable for fetal development and mitochondrial translation: importance of its RNA-binding ability, Nucleic Acids Research 40, 9717-9737.

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3.    Takazaki, S., Abe, Y., Yamaguchi, T., Yagi, M., Ueda, T., Kang, D., and Hamasaki, N. (2012) Arg 901 in the AE1 C-terminal tail is involved in conformational change but not in substrate binding, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1818, 658-665.

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